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Sangit, aka Björn Both, was born in Husum (Northern Germany) in 1965.
He grew up in a musical household with a father playing in several bands
as a keyboard and accordion player.
While his friends spent their first money on a motorcycle, young Björn
bought his first guitar.

He played his first concert at his final school party signifying
what was to play a decisive role in his life.

After an apprenticeship as a bass player in various combos his first serious
band became the Late September Dogs in 1990. It took them four years until
they recorded their first album C`est la vie no more. Six more CDs were
released until 2003. After the first album he stopped playing the bass. He
concentrated his stage work on vocals and played the guitar, a logical choice
since he wrote his songs on this instrument.

His change, musically and spiritually, is best documented in his development
between the first and the second album (Talking to the Moon, 1996).
His unbridled aggression gave way to a milder curiosity, which surely was
influenced by the birth of a daughter in 1995.

After 1996 the band developed from album to album and expanded their live
circuit considerably, playing all over Germany and in several other European
countries. They left their mark on many important festivals.

In 2004 the band came to a sudden end after a final CD ‘Rush’.
Apart from LSD Sangit recorded with bands like Aikenhead (1995) and worked
as a guest singer in various projects (Evolution – Marcator Project,
Cimbria-1883 – BMP). Several albums and songs can be found as downloads.
He also recorded in German and released Windwanderer in 2003 with Stephan
Bork (ex-LSD)...


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